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The saying a picture speaks a thousand words is so perfectly depicted by this wonderful photo poetry created by Saurabh Tewari, a visual communication student at IIT Bombay,  titled ‘The Story of Confetti’.

1. Prelude
All lights went down
except those clowns.
The show was about to begin
And proudly, it was my turn.



2. Arrival
Before ‘him’,
I arrived
I took a flight,
And I was in limelight.



3. Haze
I created chaos
Which everybody liked.
This haze was for ‘Him’.
So that he can hide.



4. Still there
Eventually ‘He’ came,
and created a new ‘chaos’.
I was still flying,
Searching for my ‘ethos’.



5. Forgotten
After a while, He forgot my rid,
And everybody did.
‘He’ took and overtook everything.
And I was forgotten, as I was nothing.

The stunning photography in company with beautiful words truly create magic. This piece was created while Saurabh was at a show by ‘Kailasa’. He says while everyone was seeing Kailasa, his camera was seeing who created Kailasa.

At the moment Saurabh is busy with The travelling Baker project which is a not-for-profit travelling exhibition in the memory of Laurie Baker, the award-winning British architect who believed in indigenous and sustainable materials in architecture and has given a lot to the world of architecture by bringing the importance of simplicity and aesthetics.

The exhibition travels to architecture schools all over India and conveys the Baker philosophy towards design and life To learn more about the project and to show your support visit http://bakerproject.wordpress.com/ .

To enjoy more of Saurabh’s work check out http://thinksaurabh.blogspot.com/

Written by ofindianorigin

July 21, 2010 at 10:57 am

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