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Poetry in Geometry

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Visual artist Madan Meena has exhibited his work extensively in various galleries across the world. Portraying the rich and vibrant colors of Rajasthan his work uses geometry with elements of nature like moon, rain and flowers. His abstract style transforms the circle into subtle poetic images that are extremely endearing.

Life Circles, Acrylic on canvas

Lotus Pond & Full Moon, Acrylic on canvas

Monsoon Dreams, Acrylic on canvas

Pond, Acrylic on canvas

After his doctoral dissertation on ‘Art of the Meena Tribes’ Madan documented and exhibited the mandana wall paintings across the world. He has published two books on the subject, Joy of Creativity and Nurturing Walls.

As a curator Madan has designed an exhibition on brooms for the “Arna Jharna: The Desert Museum of Rajasthan” of Rupayan Sansthan (Institute of Rajasthan folklore studies) in Jodhpur. He is currently Assistant Director for a film funded by the Ford Foundation on the Broom making society.

More about Madan’s work can be found herehere.


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July 27, 2010 at 12:52 pm

Creating ‘Useful Art’

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Paul Sandip is a gifted designer who transforms everyday objects into works of art. Winner of many awards his most recent achievement is the Silver Prize at OPUS Eyewear Design Award 2009, Japan for his sensuous see-through blindfold for adult fantasy play. Here are few of his other brilliant works

Night lamp

Nominated by Elle Decor for EDIDA’09 Planet G is a smart night lamp that turns direct light into a diffused glow just by a scroll.


SPOO is an ergonomically designed spoon for little ones. The design is easy on the parent’s wrist, soft for swollen little gums and comfortable for both right and left-handed parents.

Paper mug

The Disposable Mug originally made for Indian Railways is an absolutely brilliant, inexpensive, eco-friendly mug that disintegrates after use. It has won the Business World Design Excellence Award, India, in 2004 and was a finalist at INDEX: – Design to improve life, Denmark, in 2009.

Pencil sharpener

ATE is a double-bladed stainless steel pencil sharpener that effectively sharpens large and small pencils to a comfortable sharp tip every time. It has rubberized soft edges and a satin finish. It won the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2007

To know more about Paul and his amazing work check out http://differentialdesign.blogspot.com/

Easy like Sunday morning

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Commodores singing ‘Easy’ in the background, the bit about ‘Easy like Sunday morning’ is what I am liking… As I was thinking about my next post, the Sun rose over the horizon and from our balcony I could see it taking on a yellowy hue. Very warm, very inspiring. I decided on my next post right at this moment…. here is a bit of sunshine your way

pillow cover, crochet,ganesha pendant, earrings, ganesha mask,hand painted t-shirt, sandalwood beads,blockprint bag, crochet pendant Pictures through Etsy

1. Marigold pillow cover by The Home Centric, 2. A little Elf named Big Foot by  Madsbear, 3. Ivory Ganesha Pendant by Bull Crab Studio, 4. Madhu Earring by Minoubazaar, 5. Ganesha Mask by Vintage Galaxy, 6. Hand painted Tee by Bootika, 7. Sandalwood wrist mala by Meditation, 8. Sling bag by Knottygal, 9. Crochet Jazz Saxophone pendant by Mamta

I created this mood-board with items I found on Etsy. I hope it brings a bit of summery happiness to you. Now I am off to the Ganpathy temple, inspired by my mood-board of course 🙂

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July 25, 2010 at 11:50 am

Take a seat!

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And now for some furniture therapy. Here are a few gorgeous seats designed by Asad Firdosy.

unique furniture

Moulin Rouge

Low Seat

Flintstone Settee

After a degree in architecture, Asad joined his ancestral business of furniture making at Firdos Furnishers. Working mainly with Teak wood, his designs are a reflection of his inherent talent, originality of thought and creativity whilst retaining traditional ancestral values. His creations have been exhibited in Delhi, Mumbai, Frankfurt and Miami. More of his designs can be found here.

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July 24, 2010 at 10:07 am


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From bags to another favourite accessory of a woman – Diamond jewellery!!! Aaah… we love it! Here are a few gorgeous pieces designed by Nicky Ramnani, a young passionate jewellery designer who blends rich Indian heritage with current styles.

Nicky offers a personalised,consultative approach and develops bespoke designs based on individual client’s aesthetic outlook. Coming from a commerce background Nicky’s venture into the jewellery design industry is pretty recent but within 3 years he has already established his own design studio called Auraya Diamond Jewellery, which will soon be based in Juhu, Mumbai.

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July 23, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Bags of Colour!

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The best accessory for summer is a brightly coloured bag. Here are a few bright and beautiful bags designed by Shivani Gakhar for an NGO called ‘Khamir’. Here she has mainly used Leather, block printed fabric and mashru fabric, which is a mix of cotton and silk.

Block printed bag

And now for some geek chic check out these funky covers for laptop, hard disc, pen drive and CD.

CD cover, pendrive cover

To enjoy more of Shivani’s creations log on to http://www.coroflot.com/shivanigakhar and to learn more about Khamir please follow http://www.khamir.org/

Images and words like rhythm and blues

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The saying a picture speaks a thousand words is so perfectly depicted by this wonderful photo poetry created by Saurabh Tewari, a visual communication student at IIT Bombay,  titled ‘The Story of Confetti’.

1. Prelude
All lights went down
except those clowns.
The show was about to begin
And proudly, it was my turn.



2. Arrival
Before ‘him’,
I arrived
I took a flight,
And I was in limelight.



3. Haze
I created chaos
Which everybody liked.
This haze was for ‘Him’.
So that he can hide.



4. Still there
Eventually ‘He’ came,
and created a new ‘chaos’.
I was still flying,
Searching for my ‘ethos’.



5. Forgotten
After a while, He forgot my rid,
And everybody did.
‘He’ took and overtook everything.
And I was forgotten, as I was nothing.

The stunning photography in company with beautiful words truly create magic. This piece was created while Saurabh was at a show by ‘Kailasa’. He says while everyone was seeing Kailasa, his camera was seeing who created Kailasa.

At the moment Saurabh is busy with The travelling Baker project which is a not-for-profit travelling exhibition in the memory of Laurie Baker, the award-winning British architect who believed in indigenous and sustainable materials in architecture and has given a lot to the world of architecture by bringing the importance of simplicity and aesthetics.

The exhibition travels to architecture schools all over India and conveys the Baker philosophy towards design and life To learn more about the project and to show your support visit http://bakerproject.wordpress.com/ .

To enjoy more of Saurabh’s work check out http://thinksaurabh.blogspot.com/

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July 21, 2010 at 10:57 am