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Timeless art!

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A Pat on the back to Sushil Sakhuja for bringing such an old and beautiful craft form to the world.  Practised by artisans living in the tribal pockets of central India, Dhokra art of Bastar is said to be originated as early as in the 2000 BC. Sushil works with the tribals, living with them to help bring their craft out to the world. Inspired by their folk culture their work include statues  and figurines representing Gods and Goddesses, figures of animals etc. Even the smallest of figurines have such intricate designs in them that are totally amazing.

"Kaamdeva" Indian god of love

The process of creating the sculpture is a totally eco-friendly and unique one, which is beautifully portrayed in the video below. Though the video is in Hindi, the pictures do explain a lot.

To know more about Sushil’s intricate and beautiful work go to www.sushils.com


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July 18, 2010 at 8:56 am